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This smells amazing!

This smells amazing!

I got stopped on the street and this girl said "you're wearing the same perfume as me, Baccarat Rouge 540"
Petra A. about Ambery Saffron


Tigger. about Ambery Saffron
Smell like a snack but in elegant way

Smell like a snack but in elegant way

Sweet but not cloying, pretty but not juvenile, fresh and subtle enough for "regular" days but complex enough for special occasions too. I'm really glad I purchased this, it's lovely!
A sexy creamsicle adventure.

A sexy creamsicle adventure.

A gourmand that's sweet but not overwhelming. It really is a sweet scent that's rich and creamy.
My husband stole it!

My husband stole it!

My husband stole it! Such a wonderful scent! I let my husband smell it and he claimed it right away. He very rarely wear any cologne so this is such a big deal!
Mimi V. about Woody Sandalwood
Made my ovaries dance!

Made my ovaries dance!

This fragrance is very masculine and sensual at the same time. All of the reviews about it are try. I absolutely love the smell of this on my man. This should come with a warning label and a plan b pill. Pregnancy is imminent.
Alessia C. about Aromatic Star Anise
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