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Fruity Magnolia
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Eau de Parfum. Size: 50ml / 1.7oz
Inspired by

Versace's Bright Crystal

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This scent is: A juicy burst of sweetness
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About this scent
Concentration: 18%
Gender: Feminine
Vegan | Cruelty-free PETA Animal Test Free | Clean ingredients

At first, Fruity Magnolia opens with fizzy pomegranate and yuzu chilled with marine notes. Slowly, the magnolia develops, allowing for the scent to blossom into a radiant bouquet of feminine florals.

Colorful and vivacious, Fruity Magnolia is a daytime fragrance that is both powerfully awakening and softly soothing, all at the same time.

Notes & Ingredients
TOP: The first notes you smell
pomegranate, yuzu, aquatic accord
MIDDLE: The heart of the perfume
magnolia, peony, rose
BASE: The notes that linger all day
amber, musk, acajou wood
Ingredients: Hedione, Musk T, Iso E Super, Nerolidol, Ethyl Linalol, Isobornylcyclohexanol, Habanolide, Cis-3-Hexenyl Salicylate, Phenylethyl Alcohol, Cis-Jasmone, Palisandrol, Florol, Linalol, Exaltolide, Cetalox, Liffarome, Acetyl Acetate Ethyl, Beta Ionone, Triplal, Methyl Pamplemousse, Muscenone, Damascenone, Alpha Damascone.
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The Scent of Floral Dreams

From florals to fruity florals to woodsy notes to exotic spices, fragrances are at the center of our olfactory experience. And why shouldn’t they be? Perfumes define our identities, reinforce our memories and distinguish our personalities. The modern woman’s beauty routine surely wouldn’t be complete without them.

But there’s something else you wouldn’t want to skip out on when it comes to your beauty regime. Enter: Versace’s Bright Crystal.

From the genius minds that brought you Dylan Blue and Eros, Bright Crystal’s velvety scent is a must-have for any woman’s collection and just might be one of the best feminine perfumes we’ve ever come across. Simple, gentle, and oh-so-subtle — it’s one of those scents that when you try it for the first time, you wonder why you haven’t done that sooner.

This alluring feminine fragrance from renowned perfumer Alberto Morillas is filled with fruity notes entwined with delightful floral notes, further enhanced with hints of wood. The opening flavors of Versace Bright Crystal are refreshing, with slightly aquatic notes, along with cold yuzu and fizzy pomegranate. It’s mouth-wateringly juicy, though a bit tart to begin with. But give it a few minutes, and it bursts into a glistening bouquet of ultra-feminine peony, lotus, and magnolia middle notes. In the dry down, the floral notes become powdery with musk and blend with the amber and mahogany to form this tender, woody scent.

Versace did a great job of preventing Bright Crystal from being overly floral or fruity. The citrus and aquatic notes provide a sense of balance, providing a nice contrast between energetic and calm.

The uber-feminine fragrance is available in several concentrations. There’s the original Versace Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette (which also comes in a gift set) and the Versace Bright Crystal Absolu Eau de Parfum; the latter being a stronger flanker of the original Versace Bright Crystal perfume.

There are also several bottle sizes to choose from. We personally love the Versace Bright Crystal 3 oz bottle size. Because of its small size, you can easily carry it anywhere, and store it in a purse, wallet, pocket, backpack, etc. Bottles are also available in 1 oz, 1.7 oz, and 6.7 oz sizes.

Versace’s Bright Crystal is as unsophisticated as they come. And that’s a good thing. Bright Crystal’s essence is rooted in a certain level of simplicity that makes it so easy to use. Clean and energetic, there’s no fuss or unnecessary complexity here. Instead, it sticks to its original purpose — being a floral scent that leaves any woman smelling gorgeous for hours on end.

Fruity Magnolia, our Versace Bright Crystal dupe, provides a similar effect. Our take on Versace’s iconic perfume for women includes a unique combination of natural fruit flavors to create a refreshing and fresh scent that, perhaps, makes a strong case for bright crystal notes. Vibrant and colorful, Dossier’s replica of Versace Bright Crystal is the perfect gift for anyone who yearns for a nostalgic trip back in time — to an era of innocent youth and playful naivety.

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Bright crystal is my all time favorite fragrance and this smells exactly like it! I’m so glad I found this.
Perfect dupe
Perfect dupe
Lasts all day and it isn’t too strong when first applied. It is a perfect dupe. And it was delivered quickly. 10/10 recommended.
Victoria C.
This is one of my favorite
This is one of my favorite
It smells so similar to bright Crystal! I definitely will be buying this one again
Athina K.
Smells just like Versace Bright Crystal
Smells just like Versace Bright Crystal
10/10 recommend! I’m so happy I gave this scent and dossier a try! Identical to the designer at a fraction of the cost!
LaShea C.
Smells just like Versace bright crystal
Smells just like Versace bright crystal
Small enough to fit in my clinical bag! And not overpowering! Last all day long!
Kylee O.
Smells The Same as The Orginal
Smells The Same as The Orginal
Smells exactly like Versace Bright Crystals! My favorite scent that I have been using for years! I am so impressed and am telling all my friends to get all their favorite dupes from here.
Cindy L.
We're good <strong>for you.</strong>
We're good for you.
Colorant &amp; UV Filter Free
& UV Filter Free
Vegan &amp; Cruelty-free
Vegan &
Paraben &amp; Phthalate-free
Paraben &
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Most asked questions.
Q: How long will the fragrance bottle last?

A: This depends only on your usage habits. On average a 50ml bottle, used one time a day, lasts about 2 to 3 months.

Q: Are the fragrances tested on animals?

A: None of our products are tested on animals. Weare PETA certified -https://crueltyfree.peta.org/company/dossier/.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Returns are always free. You can return any items that you don't like within 30 days after delivery and we will refund you the full price. Nevertheless, we don't refund the shipping costs (if you order less than 3 products, otherwise it's free).

Q: I have a question about fragrances, can I talk to you about it?

A: We've got people who love chatting about all things fragrance related, email us at help@dossier.co to get a quick, personal reply. Don't worry—we check it constantly.